RD-600: Connecting an EV-5 / EV-7 Expression Pedal

Tags: rd-600, pedal
Use the following procedure to connect an EV-5 or EV-7 Expression Pedal to the RD-600:

1. Connect the pedal to the FC1 or FC2 socket.

2. Press EDIT so it is lit.

3. Press the PAGE < / > buttons to select "FC Assign."

NOTE: Be sure to select the FC1 or FC2 socket that you have connected your pedal to.

4. Press the INC/YES and DEC/NO buttons to select "CC11: Expres."

5. Press EDIT so it is not lit.

6. Rotate the adjustment knob on the EV-5 or EV-7 to the MINIMUM position.


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