RD-700GX, RD-700GXF: Assigning Expression To An EV-5 or EV-7

Tags: rd-700gx, volume, expression, rd-700gxf
Use the following procedure to assign Expression to an EV-5 or EV-7 pedal connected to the RD-700GX:

1. Connect the EV-5/7 to the FC1 jack on the back of the keyboard.

2. Turn the rotary dial on the EV-5/7 to the "0" (zero) position.

3. On the RD-700GX, press EDIT so it is lit.

4. Use the UP/DOWN CURSOR buttons to select "0.SYSTEM"

5. Press ENTER.

6. Use the LEFT CURSOR to select the first SYSTEM page.

7. Use the DOWN CURSOR to highlight "Pedal Mode: SETUP"

8. Turn the DIAL to select "SYSTEM PEDAL SETTING"

9. Press F2/ZONE INFO to display "SYSTEM PEDAL"

10. Turn the DIAL to set the FC1 value to "CC11: EXPRESSION"

11. Press F1/TONE INFO to display "Are You Sure?"

12. Press ENTER to display "Executing..."

Your Expression Pedal will now function as a volume pedal.


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