HPD-15: Using an Expression Pedal (Roland EV-5 / FV-300L)

Tags: hpd-15, ev-5
It's possible to control various parameters with an external expression pedal (such as a Roland EV-5) in the Handsonic. Use the following steps to set this up:

1. Connect the EV-5 to the EXP PEDAL/HH CTRL input on the back panel of the HPD-15.

2. Choose a patch to edit.

3. Press the SYSTEM button so it's lit.

4. Press PARAMETER (>) until "PEDAL SELECT" shows in the display.

5. Turn the PATCH/VALUE dial until "EXP PEDAL" shows in the display.

6. Press SYSTEM once so it's unlit.

7. Press EDIT twice so it’s lit solidly.

8. Press PARAMETER Left (<) or Right (>) to select "PAD CTRL Ctrl Rx."

9. Hit the desired pad that you want to control.

10. Turn the PATCH/VALUE dial until "ON" shows in the display.

11. Press PARAMETER Right (>) five times to select "PAD CTRL Ctrl Tx."

12. Turn the EV-5's MINIMUM VOLUME control knob counter-clockwise so it's set to "0", and then move the pedal of the EV-5.

13. Turn the PATCH/VALUE dial to select the desired function you want to control.
Note: If you choose "Turntable," the effect will be heard on all of the pads.

14. When you're finished, press EXIT.


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