RD-700NX: Using An EV-5 or EV-7 Pedal To Control Volume

Tags: rd-700nx
Use the following procedure to set up your RD-700NX so you can use an EV-5 or EV-7 pedal to control its volume.

1. Press MENU.

2. Use the cursor buttons to select "0. SYSTEM."

3. Press ENTER.

4. Use the cursor buttons to select "PEDAL MODE: LIVE SET."

5. Press the INC button to change the setting to "SYSTEM."

6. Press the TONE EDIT button to display the "SYSTEM PEDAL" screen.

7. Turn the dial to select "CC011: EXPRESSION."

8. Press the LAYER EDIT button.

9. Press ENTER to display "Executing ..."

10. Press EXIT several times to return to the main display.

Note: The control knobs on the EV-5 and EV-7 must be set to their minimum position for this feature to work.


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