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A portable, sturdy keyboard stand

A portable. sturdy keyboard stand that can hold the heaviest 76-key keyboards securely. Set up, teardown, and transport have never been more convenient.


Size and Weight

Width (W)
582 mm22-15/16 inches
Depth (D)
208 mm8-3/16 inches
Height (H)
630 mm24-13/16 inches
7 kg15 lbs. 7 oz.


* The width is adjustable. (582 mm to 907 mm) (22-15/16 inches to 35-3/4 inches)
* The height of the stand can be adjusted to 3 different levels. (630 mm, 695 mm, 760 mm) (24-13/16 inches, 27-3/8 inches, 29-15/16 inches )



All specifications and appearances are subject to change.